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              bitfinex 【导语】知己知彼,百战不殆,掌握考试知识点,这样才能考试中以不同形式出题都能应付自如。无忧考网准备了以下内容,供大家参考。



              ( )1. A. ride bikes B. flew kites C. fly kites

              ( )2. A. I went fishing. B. I went swimming. C. I went hiking.

              ( )3. A. Did you draw pictures? B. Do you draw pictures?

              C. Are you a picture?

              ( )4. A. She read books.B.She cleaned rooms.

              C.She washed clothes.

              ( )5.A. No,I didn’t.B. No, it isn’t.C. No, it doesn’t.


              ( )1.A.I flew kites.B.I go to the park.

              C.I’m going to the zoo.

              ( )2.A. I’m excited. B. He’s fine.

              C. She’s angry.

              ( )3.A.Yes.I go hiking.B No,I went hiking.

              C Yes,I went hiking.

              ( )4.A. He’s 38 kg. B.She’s 48kg. C. She’s 58kg.

              ( )5.A.Yes, you are taller than me.

              B.No, you are taller than me.

              C. I’m 20 cm taller than you.

              三、听录音,判断句子的对错,打“√”或“ × ”。(10分)

              ( )1、Amy went to see animals last weekend.

              ( )2、Amy likes animals.

              ( )3、Amy's mom went shopping.

              ( )4、Amy's dad read some magazines.

              ( )5、Amy's family had a good time last weekend.


              四、 阅读对话,根据上下文的内容,选择合适的句子,将其字母编号填在横线上。 (7句选5句,10分)

              A. They must be happy to see you. B. How was your weekend? C. What did you do on Sunday? D. That was really a busy weekend. E. What did you do on Saturday? F. What do you do on Sundays? G. How are you?

              A: Hello, Tom. ____________________________?

              B: It was a busy one.

              A: Why? _________________________________?

              B:I cleaned the room, washed clothes and then visited my grandparents. They live in a village. It’s very far from my home.

              A: ________________________________.

              B: That’s right.

              A: ________________________________?

              B:I went shopping with my mom and then cooked meals for my family.

              A. Oh, I see. _______________________________. You’re helpful.

              B: Thank you.


              Jack was busy last weekend. His parents were not at home. He walked to the park in the morning ,he read English books and did sports there. Then he took a bus back home. He had to clean the room and washed clothes before 12:00. After finishing these things, he had lunch in the canteen. Then he went to Sarah’s home, and studied math with her. They played many math games together. In the evening, Jack went to the supermarket and bought many food back home. When he came back, his parents were at home, too. They watched TV. Then Jack went to sleep.

              ( )1. Jack went to the park on foot in the morning.

              ( )2. Jack did sports in Sarah’s home.

              ( )3.Jack cleaned the room and washed clothes in the afternoon.

              ( )4. Jack had dinner with Sarah.

              ( )5. Jack went shopping and watched TV in the evening.


              with ,eat, younger, watched, happy, cooked, was, goes, washed, tired, had, helped

              Jim is a student. He is __________ than his classmates. He usually _______to the park ________ his friends on the weekend. But last weekend, he______ his mother do housework. Because his mother ________ sick. She ________ a cold. He _________ breakfast, then he _________ the clothes. In the evening, he was very ________, but he was very __________.


              1. Tim: ________________________________________?

              Ben: I have a headache .

              2. Amy: ____________________________________?

              Jenny: I’m 160 cm tall. I’m 4 cm taller than before.

              3. Teacher: ______________________________________?

              Tom: No, I didn’t read books last weekend.

              4. Jim: _________________________________________?

              Bill: I went fishing with my friends on my holiday.

              5. Marry: _______________________________________?

              David: My teacher feels angry.

              八、看图写一段话。写写你上周末的一天活动情况,不少于五句话。( 10分)



              1. Zhang Peng went to a park. He flew kites .

              2. Liu Yun went fishing with her friends last weekend .

              3. Do you draw pictures?

              4. A. She read books.

              5. Does the dog eat fish ?


              1. What did you do yesterday?

              2. How does Mary feel?

              3. Did you go hiking last weekend ?

              4. How heavy is Tom ?

              5. Are you taller than me ?

              三、听录音,判断句子的对错,打“√”或“ × ”。(10分)

              Hello.I’m Amy.I went to the zoo with my friends last Saturday.Isaw many animals there.I like them very much.My mom did housework at home.My dad read newspapers.We had a good time.





              四、B E A C D (B CA E D)


              六、 younger goes with helped was had cooked washed tired happy

              七、1. How are you, Ben?

              2. How tall are you?

              3. Did you read books last weekend?

              4. What did you do on your holiday?

              5. How does your teacher feel today?



              ( )1.A.water B.jumped C.climbed

              ( )2.A.longer B.taller C.strong

              ( ) 3.A.what B.where C.great

              ( )4.A.head B.shorter C.leg

              ( )5.A.big B.tall

              ( ) week B.tomorrow C.last year

              ( )7.A.cleaned B.plays

              ( ) 8.A.than

              ( )9.A.older B.tallest C.longer

              ( )10.A.ride


              1.long(比较级)_______2.thin(比较级) 3. heavy(比较级)

              4. see(过去式) 5. play(过去式)过去式)

              7. younger(反义词) 8. go(过去式) 9. read(过去式)

              10. am(过去式)


              1、感冒_________2、看电影________3、拍照_______4、打扫房间 __________

              5、呆在家里________6、买礼物_______7、eat fresh food ________

              8、go camping ________9、read a book _______

              10、wash the clothes ________


              ( ) 1. Did he clean his room? A.she read a book last weekend.

              ( ) 2. How tall are you ? B.I went to Harbin.

              ( )3.What size are your shoes?C.I’m1.65 meters.

              ( ) 4. What did she do last weekend? D.Size 38.

              ( )5.Where did you go yesterday? E.Yes,he did.


              ( ) 1. I am 1.58 m tall, but you are 1.55 m. So_____________.

              A.I am taller than you. B. I am shorter than you.

              C. You are taller than me.

              ( ) 2. They _______ English last night.

              A. study B. studyed C. studied

              ( ) 3.Where did you go the holiday?

              A.over C. on

              ( ) 4. He didn’t sleep_________ .

              A. tomorrow B. Last night C. next weekend

              ( ) 5. What _______ he _______ yesterday?

              A. does, do B. do, did C. did, do

              ( ) 6. I’m _ than you.

              A. strong B. thin C. thinner

              ( ) 7. ________ did you go on your holiday?

              I went to Shanghai.

              A. What B. Where C. How

              ( )8.Tom busy yesterday.

              A. did B. was C. were

              ( )9. ----_______did you do last weekend ?

              --I visited my grandpa.

              A. What B. Where C. How

              ( ) 10.---. I’m 40 kg. I’m _______ than you.

              A. thin B.heavier C. bigger

              ( ) 11. -- How _______ are you?

              --- I’m 35 kg..

              A. old B. tall C. heavy

              ( )12. --- Did you swimming last day?

              A、go B、goes C、went

              ( )13 .--- What did Lisa do last night?

              --- She to music .

              A、listens B、listen C、listened

              ( )14. Amy usually do her homework after lunch.

              A.does B. do C. Did

              ( )15. We ride a bike three people

     B. in C. for


              1.Did you (go) to Jinan yesterday?

              2.It (look)like a mule.

              3.What (do)you do last weekend?

              4.We (hurt) my foot last weekend.

              5.I’m (tall) than you .

              6. (Do) you watch TV last night?

              7.I (clean) my room yesterday.


              A. What did you do there? B.Did you have a good time? C. That’s sounds great.

              D. Where did you go? E. How did you go there?

              A: Hi,Amy You look tired.(1)

              B:I went to Beijing

              A:(2) ?

              B:I visited the Great Wall.Tian’men Square and the Summer Palace(颐和园).

              A:(3) I always want to go there.(4)

              B:I went there by train.


              B:Yes. I did.


              1. older you I than am (.)


              2. heavy how you are (?)


              3. holiday summer your how was (?)


              4. did do you last what weekend (?)


              5. Stayed I all at weekend home (.)


              6. size are what your shoes(?)


              7. did you how go there(?)


              8. go you to did Turpan(?)




              Mary, Jane and May are very good friends. Mary is shorter than May, May is heavier than Jane. Jane is thinner than Mary. How old are they? Mary is 7 years old. Jane is 12 years old and May is 9 years old. They study at QingLan Primary School. Mary likes English, Jane likes math and May likes music.They all study hard.

              ( ) 1.There are 3 children in the story.

              ( ) 2. Mary is shorter than May.

              ( ) 3.Mary is heavier than Jane.

              ( ) 4. Jane is the youngest.

              ( ) 5. They are all good friends.


              On National Day, we had a long holiday. We had seven days. I went to Hainan with my parents.My grandparents lived in a beautiful village in Hainan. We visited them.We went to see the blue sea every day. We swam in it.We went fishing. My grandma cooked good food for us every day. The seafood is tasty. I like it . We took many pictures. I was excited.

              ( ) 1. I went to Hainan with my .

              A: father and mother B: grandparents

              ( ) 2. There are days on National Day.

              A: a week B: seven

              ( ) 3. I was on National Day.

              A: excited B: tired

              ( ) 4. I in Hainan.

              A: took pictures B: bought gifts

              ( ) 5. We ate good food .

              A: on National Day B: every day


              一、ACCBC CBABC

              二、 longer thinner heavier saw played did older

              Went read was

              三、 had a cold saw a film took pictures cleaned my room stayed at home bought gifts 吃新鲜的食物 去野营 读书 洗衣服

              四、 ECDAB

              五、 ACABC CBBAB CACAC

              六、 go looks did hurt taller Did cleaned

              七、 DACEB

              八、1.I am older than you .

              2.How heavy are you ?

              3.How was your summer holiday?

              4.What did you do last weekend?

              5.I stayed at home all weekend.

              6.What sizes are your shoes?

              7.How did you go there?

              8.Did you go to Turpan?




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