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              bitfinex 【导语】寒假报到,冷风直吹,雨降不停歇?;颖鹣赣?,远离阴霾,拥抱和煦冬阳入怀。抛除疲惫,解放心灵,敞开胸腔,悠游水果之乡,饱览山川奇景,汲取日月菁华。无忧考网准备了以下内容,供大家参考。 篇一


                I. 1. B, have 2. B, watching 3. C, in 4. A, She’s II. 1-5BABCC 6-10ABBAC III. Kerry’s, years, England, teaches, number IV. 1-5 CBABC


                I. 1-5ABADD II. 略 III. 1. (1)from (2)about (3)at (4)to (5)at (6)in (7)by (8)with (9)with/about/to/of (10)from 2. (1)playing (2)obey (3)ask (4)open (5)goes (6)have (7)do (8)paint (9)drawing (10)flying IV. does…do…plays; does…works…office; playing the piano


                I. 略 II. 略 III. I get up at six-thirty. My father gets up at six. My mother and my sister get up at seven. IV. 1-6ABCAAC V. 1-5 TTFTF


                I. 略 II. Women’s Day-- March 8th Children’s Day-- June 1st Tree Planting Day-- March 12th Teachers’ Day-- September 10th Labour Day --May 1st New Year’s Day-- January 1st Father’s Day-- the third Sunday in June National Day--October 1st Thanksgiving Day-- the fourth Thursday of November Mother’s Day-- the second Sunday in May Christmas Day-- December 25th III. 1. from…to 2. in 3. playing 4. collecting 5. like 6. waters 7. has 8. is 9. at 10. What IV. 2-3-4-1-5 V. 1-5 T F FTT VI. 略


                I. 1-5CBACB 6-8CBA II. 略 III. planting flowers—种花 drawing—画画 collecting stamps—集邮 playing volleyball—打排球 singing—唱歌 playing basketball—打篮球 IV. comes, goes, says, friendly, all, 1. F 2. F 3. T 4. F V. 1-5 ABCBC


                I. 1. your, My, that 2. that, He 3. She, your, she 4. that, He, his, He II. 1-6DBACFE III. 1. What is your hobby? 2. Is Li Yan good at drawing?( *)3. My father doesn’t work in a factory. 4. Your mother is interested in(likes) cooking. 5. What is your father’s hobby? IV. speak, speaking, This, doing, watching V. 略


                I. 1. H 2. G 3. D 4. F 5. C 6. B 7.A 8. E II. 1. should 2. carefully 3. take good care of 4. gets up 5. hobby 6. interested in 7. like 8. go out 9. reading 10. growing vegetables III. 1-5AACCB 6-10CBBBC IV. 略


                I. 1. May 2. play with 3. green 4. sleep 5. longer, longer 6. playing 7. flying

                es II. 1-5BBCAB 6-9ACCC III. 1-5EDABC IV. playing tennis; swimming; playing tab ble tennis; fishing V. 1-5 TFFFF


                I. 略 II. triangle, square, rectangle, round/circle III. 1-5BCBCC 6-10AABCA 11-14ABCA IV. 1-5BBBCB 6-10BBCAB V. Name


                I. 略 II. 1. see, sea 2. their, there 3. right 篇二

                The first day

                I.1-5 ACACD

                II.1-5 BAACD/B 6-10 CCACA 11-15 DCBBC

                The second day

                I.1-5 DCAAD

                II.1.children hospital

                2.goes to by plane

       some shopping

                4.enjoy themselves

                5.other things

       the birthday song

                7.late for

                III.1. sell, buy

                2. is sitting, is running

                3. to close

                4. sells

                5. Does, have

                6. read

                7. driver, driving

                8. to go

                9. is drinking

                10. is having

                The third day

                I.1-4 CDEB 5-8 AGHF

                II.1. carry 2. watches 3. shopping

                4. driving 5. is 6. to come 7. teaching 8. reading 9. to clean 10. to write

                III.1-5 FTTFF

                The fourth day

                I. 1.C twice

                2. C swimming

                3. A Don’t

                4. B take

                5. B wrong

                II.1. We don’t call it a small lion.

                2. They are playing with their mother.

                3.What do you do in your science corner?

                4. What’s wrong with you?

                5. My school is famous for its sports.

                6. Can you show me those trousers?

                III.1-5 AABCA 6-10 ACBCA 篇三


                I. 1-5 ehabc 6-10 gifjd

                II. 1. He is playing tennis. Yes, I do. 2. They are playing hockey. No, I don’t.

                III. 略

                IV. twelve, January, second, of, Spring Festival, third, on, fourth, on, May, it, it, June, June, sixth, seventh, September 10th, on, October, eleventh, December, twelfth, Christmas


                I. 1. to go 2. are making 3. the second 4. skating 5. harvesting

                6. warmer and warmer 7. are singing 8. is

                II. 1. is, He, He’s fishing 2. they aren’t, playing volleyball

                3. They are performing. celebrating 4. he isn’t, He is swimming.

                III. 1. It’s Saturday. 2. My father is. 3. He is drawing. 4. She is reading a storybook.

                5. You’re playing computer games.


                I. 1-7ABBBCAB

                II. 1. They are having a good time.

                2. Do the animals come out from their long sleep?

                3. What are the girls looking at?

                4. Lisa doesn’t blow out the candles.

                5. Does he get home at six?

                6. Which season is the third season of the year?

                7. Please don’t cut the cake.

                8. We give Jane our presents.

                III. 1. It is summertime.

                2. Yes, he does.

                3. Mickey and his mother.

                4. He is looking into the water at himself.

                IV. 1. Lily 2. Kate 3. Tom 4. Sue 5. Ann


                I. What’s, yours, think, me, him, your, mine, Here, are, after,

                II. 略

                III. Reading comprehension. 阅读理解。

                1. I’m in Grade Six.

                2. Lucy is my good friend.

                3. She is from England.

                4. She has a round face. Her hair is long and beautiful.

                5. She is wearing a red dress today.

                6. She likes painting and playing the piano.


                I. 略

                II. 1. was 2. was 3. Did 4. were 5. went, didn’t 6. was 7. did 8. watched, ate


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