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              bitfinex 【导语】考试是紧张的,我们要重视考试,又要正确对待考试??际约仁侵兜募觳?,又是意志的磨练??际允币磷爬渚?,要对自己充满信心,同时要科学对待考试,认真分析试题,仔细推敲,先易后难。无忧考网准备了以下内容,希望对你有帮助!


                A rich man decide(决定)to give his mother a birthday present. “My present will be better than any of my brother‘s, “he thought. He heard about an amazing(令人惊异)bird. The bird could speak five languages(语言)。He bought the bird at once and sent it to his mother. It cost(花费)him 100 yuan. The day after her birthday, he called his mother. “How did you like the bird, mother?” he asked eagerly(亲切地)。His mother answered“delicious!”

               ?。?)1. The rich man bought his mother a birthday present.

               ?。?) 2. The rich man had only one brother.

               ?。?) 3. The rich man gave his mother a cheap (便宜)present.

               ?。?)4. The bird was very dear.

               ?。?)5. From the story we know the rich man’s mother ate the bird.


                On Christmas morning, children like to get up early to find the presents in the stockings(长统袜)or under the Christmas trees. On Christmas Day, Mike got up at six twenty. He quickly put on the clothes and looked for his present in the stocking. “Wow, what a lovely toy dog! I like it very much.” He said happily. Them he ran down to the ground floor to see what‘s in the box. He shook(?。﹖he box and listened. His sister, Nancy came to him, “Oh, Mike, you are taking my present.” “What? Open it and have a look!” Then they opened the box, a pretty dress in it. Mike looked around, and he saw another box for him under the tree.

               ?。?)1. Mike got up at __________.

                A. twenty to six B. twenty past six C. six
               ?。?)2. The lovely dog was for ___________

                A. Nancy B. Nancy’s sister C. Nancy‘s brother
               ?。?)3. The pretty dress was for ___________.

                A. Mike B. Mike’s sister C. Mike‘s brother
               ?。?)4. Mike got ___________ presents from his family.

                A. only one   B. two   C. three

               ?。?)5. What’s in the box for Mike?

              A. A toy dog. B. A skateboard. C. Sorry, I don‘t know.
                一、Hi, I am Susan. I am from the U.K. But now I’m studying in China. I’m going

                to do many things in the winter holiday. First, I’m going to finish myhomework. Then I’m going to take a trip. I’m going to Beijing, which is the capital(首都)of China. It’s snowy in Beijing.There is snow everywhere. So I’m going to make a snowman. I can ski. My parents will come to China and go with me. We are going to fly there. We are going to have a nice trip. ( )1. Susan is from_________. A. China B. England C.American

               ?。?)2. Now Susan is in_________.

                A. China   B. England   C.U.K.

               ?。?)3. Beijing is the capital of _________.

                A. China   B. U.K.   C.American

               ?。?)4. Susan is going to ________ in Beijing.

                A. skate B. play with the snow TV
               ?。?)5. They are going to go to Beijing__________.

                A. by plane   B. by train bus
                二、Zhang:Excuse me,how do we get to the People’s Park ?

                Man: You can go there by the No.5 bus , or you can go on foot.

                Zhang: How do we go on foot ?

                Man: It’s easy. Turn left at the traffic lights. The park is near a tall office building.

                John: Thank you very much. Hurry up, Zhang Peng!

                Zhang: No! The light is red. Stop! John: That’s right. We have to wait.

                Zhang: Now it’s green. Let’s go!

               ?。?)(1) John and Zhang Peng can’t go to the park by the No.5 bus.

               ?。?)(2) John and Zhang Peng want to go to the park on foot.

               ?。?) (3) The People’s Park is near the traffic lights.

               ?。?)(4) John wants to go at a red light.

               ?。?)(5) Zhang Peng follows the traffic rules.
                A. 阅读短文,判断正(T)误(F)

                Dear Lingling,

                I met Daming here in New York. I’ve got long, red hair and blue eyes. I like Chinese food and I’ve got some Chinese chopsticks. But they are very difficult for me. My brother has got a Chinese kite. It is a very big bird. Do Chinese children play with kites a lot?

                I am from New York. It’s a very big city. Have you got a book about America? Please write and I will answer your questions about America.



               ?。?)1. This letter is from China.

               ?。?)2. Laura has got short, red hair.

               ?。?)3. Laura likes Chinese food.

               ?。?)4 .Daming has got a Chinese kite.

               ?。?)6. Laura will answer Lingling’s questions about America.


                There is an old tiger in the forest (森林)。 He doesn’t want to look for (寻找) food now. He often lets other animals to get him some food to eat.

                One day, he sees a monkey and says, “I am hungry, monkey. Go and get me something to eat.” “I can’t do that now, tiger,” the monkey says, “There i s another tiger over there. He will not let me get anything for you to eat. I am afraid of (害怕) him.” “What?” says the old tiger. “Take me to that tiger. I want to talk to him.” The monkey and the tiger go to the bridge(桥) over the river. “Now look down at the water.” says the monkey. “Do you see the tiger?” “Yes, I do,” says the old tiger. “Let me eat him.” Then the tiger jumps (跳) into the river.

                1. Where does the monkey live? He lives ________.

                A. in the zoo B. in the garden C. in the forest
                2. How many tigers and monkeys are there in the story? _______.

                A. Two tigers and two monkeys.

                B. Two tigers and one monkey.

                C. One tiger and one monkey.

                3. Why do other animals get food for the tiger?

                A. Because they are afraid of him.

                B. Because they are his friends.

                C. Because only they can find some food.

                4. The monkey wants ______.

                A. to get something to eat

                B. to eat the tiger

                C. the tiger to jump into the water

                5. The story is about _______

                A. The tiger is very clever.

                B. The tiger eats another tiger.

                C. The monkey is clever.


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